Will You Receive The Gospel Message?

Will you receive the Gospel message?
Trust that Jesus suffered for you, bled for you and died for you.  Receive God’s forgiveness through that shed Blood.  Accept His Spirit into your hearts by faith.  Confess your sins.  Repent of your ways. Repentance is simply turning away from your sins (not wanting to go against God in action or word anymore).  Pray that Jesus would bring you into FULL SURRENDER of soul so that He is Lord of your entire life.   Continue reading “Will You Receive The Gospel Message?”

The gift of God through Christ is Ever Present

When I’m at home wondering if God is pleased with me, there will be times He shows me a ladybug or a rainbow, and it’s often reassuring.  It’s a private confirmation of His love for me.  So, when it happens while we’re away, it’s not only refreshing but further confirms the fact that we don’t worship a God who exists in a specific location nor one who only loves us when we are working.  He loves us wherever we are and displays His love by communicating personally through the daily grind or when we’re quietly recharging. Continue reading “The gift of God through Christ is Ever Present”