They See More Than They Hear

One of the most precious things happened yesterday.  I made some sort of cool pipe cleaner flower craft.  My eight-year-old says “Mommy, wow!  How did you do that?”  I said “Oh, yeah… wow, Jesus must have taught me!”  (Featured in photo is Presleigh’s version.)  So, later this wise observer of mine and I were playing soccer when I said “Wow! Great kick!  How’d you learn how to kick like that?”  She replied “Jesus taught me!”  This is an old post but it is extremely relevant to today.  The point is that children are watching more of what we do than what we say.   Continue reading “They See More Than They Hear”

Colonial Williamsburg Blessings!

Last year our family received the blessing to visit Colonial Williamsburg for two days, and I’m so extremely thankful to God for making it possible. Father fulfilled my heart’s desire to travel to one of my favorite places. But on top of that, He threw in some special souvenirs besides the memories we would take back in our hearts.  The souvenirs mentioned are so much more than objects; not to be kept on a shelf but rather cherished and paid forward!  The gifts we brought back with us were the lingering flicker of faith left for us from those who are now long gone!

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When Mom Just Can’t

Mama duck was under the weather today. So, her lil duckings climbed up in bed around her carrying their writing work in hand. The seven year old twins wrote verses in their verse journals while the eight year old wrote a letter to her pen pal (aka Grandma). I took this picture to try and capture this moment in time that absolutely melts my heart. <3
Mama not feeling well doesn’t get these little ones down; for, one of the children say “Mommy, we’ll just have a chill day today.” Then another responds “Yes, mommy, I like chill days.” 🙂

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When Mommy needs a break!

Today, Mommy needed a day of rest according to Daddy & the children. My day of rest consists of prayer, digging into God’s Word, doing a study, listening to a message, journaling and corresponding with like minded people online all the while locked away in the bedroom. 😉 Well, not completely… I did leave the house once in order to fit in a walk after the rain passed!
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Are You Excelling at THIS though?

From one woman to the other women out there, here are my thoughts today for wives & mothers (please don’t critique run-on sentences & spelling!): If we excel at everything under the sun from reaching our educational goals to going after those great careers to mastering sports to exercising until we reach that awesome fit body, (etc, etc) BUT neglect our most important roles as Godly wives & mothers, we lose in this thing called life. Continue reading “Are You Excelling at THIS though?”

When You Need To Change Things Up, It is OKAY!


After four years of us putting our own homeschool curriculum together, we finally decided on pre-packaged curriculum! YAY!!! 🙌
It has taken hours of prayer, observing our children, reading, researching, watching, waiting & a whole bunch of trial by fire to find out what works best for each of them (individually as well as together)! To say the least, the decisions were not made lightly as the options were vast & plentiful! I can see how anyone considering homeschooling can seem overwhelmed. But trust the Lord through the process! He will lead you to what path is right! Your eyes will be opened to how your children learn, and His Spirit will instruct you how best to educate them accordingly. Continue reading “When You Need To Change Things Up, It is OKAY!”