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Closeness Matters! – Honing in to Home

Closeness Matters!

When you have such a closeness with your children, you find harmony in your home (even when one of you is “off”). This week I’ve had to tend to pressing matters making me not as available to the children as usual. But these lil duckings have been utterly amazing! They have been quiet, kind, courteous and extremely helpful when I’ve needed them to be. And while it is clear they sense mommy is not her usual self, they’ve continued to carry on as if all was just the same.
When you spend a lot of time with your children, there is a rhythm you acquire together like with a pendulum. And though our routine has been out of sorts the past few days, these little ones have kept with the flow regardless. It’s been quite the site to see!
Children become so hands on in caring for each other when they themselves have been nurtured and taught such by their mothers. And so when mommy is not as involved as she’d like to be due to other fires needing immediate attention, one can clearly notice how they still flourish in the interim! My precious arrows didn’t miss a beat this week in marching on toward our mutual goal of growing, learning and loving God and others.
So, this is an exhortation to carry about your business of training them up in the Lord therefore empowering them to live lives for Him throughout all seasons. Start by giving them purpose and specific roles. Always remind them how God loves them & has a plan for their lives. And continue entrusting them to Him through prayer no matter what. Then watch how you will find fulfillment as they blossom and move from little kids to little people who are willing (as well as all the more capable ) to handle tasks you would normally do for them. It is a most rewarding site! 🙂
So, as I recover from some interesting happenings this week, I’m glad to know all has progressed like it would when I’m my regular self. And although these guys have had to carry a heavier load than normal here, the benefits of our labor through parenting has proven itself fruitful in the process. Plus, young ones mature quicker when they are given opportunities to realize how a) they have the power of the Spirit, b) they’ve been given responsibility to accomplish great things and c) they get praises to drive home how they’re in fact needed and important!
Where I do hope to recover rather quickly from what other matters needed my attention this week, I will forever cherish every moment I got to witness these growing treasures live out what they’ve been previously taught up until now.
And for that, through everything… I know I am a blessed mama!

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