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In The Potter’s Hands – Honing in to Home

In The Potter’s Hands

For my 10 Year Wedding Anniversary, let’s take a look back at what my refinement has been like as a piece of clay in the Potter’s hands! Over the years, The Divine Potter has meticulously and miraculously molded me into His image so that I could become the Cristine I was created to be for God’s Glory! Over time, every squeeze of His hands applied just the right amount of pressure and was used to transform my ways and will to Christ’s likeness. It didn’t always feel good, to say the least, but a fire is meant to burn after all!

Honestly, the Potter’s chosen methods of forging me through the flames were likened to when the fire is turned up in the kiln! Understandably, the heat had to be high enough to melt me into”pliable matter”! This procedure also purifies, pushing out the waste similar to the searing off of sin from within, which ultimately hinders our reflection of Him! And it seems that I’ve been put into the “Holy Spirit Hot Spot” more often than not! But each time I’m pulled out, I find myself right back in My Potter’s hands which are both strong, affirming I’m secure in them, yet gentle and tender too! Our Master Creator’s firm hands always brought reassurance that I’m handled with care! As He massaged and molded this clay of His, I became warm and soft for use! Through this process of kneading, my soul was fashioned to fit His liking! At the same time, the Potter’s nurturing hands smoothed out the rough places until my countour resembled His very nature! And where this work is not finished, my spiritual structure is now truer to His form, resembling my Heavenly Father more and more as the cycle continues! In 2 Timothy 2, we understand that if we’re willing to be purged and cleansed where we’re tarnished, “well be prepared for special purposes, made holy, useful to the Master and prepared to do any good work.” 

Unlike a piece of ceramic, we are created as God’s treasured possession! The Potter sculpts each one of us as He pleases where we’re eventually polished to His perfection; not perfect like Him but perfect for Him!  Throughout the metamorphosis of my life with Christ, the mistakes made along the way became lessons learned which helped frame the person I am today! Years ago all I was able to offer my Lord was a hard, tough piece of earth to work with knowing surely, I was a labor-intensive endeavor for the Potter! Seriously, from Heaven’s perspective, I’m probably viewed as the most major construction project of a person ever! Thankfully, God fearfully and wonderfully crafted us and delights in His design!

Okay, so my analogy is meant to tell how the Expert Potter still constructs masterpieces made from dust! Why not give Him what you have and watch what one day comes to completion! Presently, I can confirm that I am a much better woman because of the blaze within the hearth of His hands! Wherever this blog finds you, trust that Father is faithful to turn your ashes into a beautiful display of The Almighty’s artwork engraved with His inscription!

Isaiah 64:8

“You, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the Potter; we are all the work of your hand!”

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