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Quieter Days Are Welcome Here – Honing in to Home

Quieter Days Are Welcome Here

Today was one of those days I absolutely delight in! We were tired from weekend activities, so while scattered rain showers kept coming and going outside… inside we had a calm, quiet, joyful day. It was full of homeschooling, chores, lots of imaginary playtime and a surprise visit from a dear friend who brought with her the lovely children she looks after.
I’m discovering more and more that as we continue on in The Fathers abounding grace with hearts that want to serve the Lord, our Loving Savior grants us all we need and more to complete our missions while here on earth. Therefore, let us passionately grab a hold of this massive responsibility to be good stewards of all we’ve been handed!
For Christian wives and mothers, our first duty is to keep Jesus Christ first knowing we are His beloved Daughters. Consequently, we have to recognize and carry out the honor of holding such high positions as our husband’s helpmates. Then, after that, is accepting the blessing to raise up children for the Kingdom with the hope to someday become praiseworthy mothers (like Proverbs 31 mentions). And finally comes all else like friends, hobbies, etc. I am convinced that this divine order Father God has bestowed on us is the best way to have the most fulfilled life because it is our Perfect Creator’s original design.
In our home, we try to live according to what the written Word teaches when it comes to each person’s position in a family after God’s own heart. And not that we have mastered this or anything, but more often than not the fruit in the form of peace & joy & rest is evident when we respond to Abba’s love by walking in obedience to what He says.
And today was one of those days where His presence was almost tangible as we were given time to learn, do housework, play and find rest in His midst. And as I know not all days will look like this one, may we keep our priorities straight so Jesus remains at the center of our lives, marriages blossom and families grow together and unite. In this, God will not only get the utmost Glory but as we trust He has good things for us, we will be able to enjoy our work here in the process!
While time goes on and we grow in years, we can experience so many struggles and hardships in life that when the quieter days which seem to just flow come, I can boldly say… All is well with my soul. <3
So please nestle into your roles as Godly women receiving it as the true gift it absolutely is from your Heavenly Father.
And may you also be able to say “It is well with my soul.” 🙂

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