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Reflections on Our Marriage – Honing in to Home

Reflections on Our Marriage

Today I’m reflecting upon how my life is nothing shy of a miracle! Ten years ago in May of 2007, Aarron & I started courting (again). For those of you who don’t know our story…. We walked away from each other for 90 days after initially dating. We did this because I needed to seek the Lord to make sure I was the woman for Aarron. I had to find out if this was the Lord’s will for us.
Before Aarron, I was promiscuous running from guy to guy seeing who would save me from myself! I smoked, drank, went clubbin, dated more guys than I can count & on it goes. It wasn’t until I seriously responded to Jesus’ pursuit of me that I truly knew what God’s plan was for my life! And even though I came to the Lord 3 years before Aarron & I got together, I wasn’t fully living for Him.
So, now Father God brings me this man who is truly after His own heart. But I’m scared. Because I knew that he loved God with all of his heart & followed Him devotedly. And though by this time, I had been changed in a lot of ways by the power of Christ’s presence in me, I still lived out some old carnal ways.
So, was I to be with Aarron? Was this my path to take?…

Well, after 90 days of no contact with Aarron, through a set of miraculous encounters he had with a mutual friend of ours as well as running into my daughter at church, Aarron found out that I was really using the 90 days to fix my eyes upon my Savior above all else! (Until those encounters, he’d thought I was just blowing him off; not sure if I was using the 90 days to break away from him for good.) But now he knew for sure that I was serious when I said I was taking a Sabbatical to be with Jesus!

So….. at midnight of the 90th day, Aarron shows up at my apartment door with a white rose & scriptures written out on purity from Song of Solomon. I had a girlfriend staying with me that night who witnessed how we talked until 5 a.m.! (He finally left because we both had to serve at kids church the next morning!) He established that we’d be together with marriage as the end goal or go separate ways as quickly as God would lead. Six months later we were married where we had our first kiss- but that’s another post!

As of now, I’m meditating on how my life is nothing shy of a miracle from where I’ve been to who I’ve been with for the Good Lord to lead me here! 10 years with the ONE God Himself picked for me! We have had many, many, MANY struggles but the blessings abound all the more!!!
When you make Jesus your priority, He leads you in His way everlasting!
Do I deserve Aarron? Nope. But do any of us deserve Jesus? No. It’s all about HIS great Love for us! I’m grateful for my relationship with both this day! There’s no way I would be with Aarron without Jesus being my first love.
So, as long as this post is… I hope today you read this and understand a) grace is undeserved b) God’s mercy is unfailing c) His miracles are present (my life is proof)! And d) favor ain’t fair! 

Our verse as a couple has always been Matthew 6:33 “Seek First His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.”

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  1. So beautifully illustrated sweet sister! Jesus being our first love is imperative! Then he gently leads us on loving our husbands. I could (and have) read yours and Arron’s story over and over again. It gives me hope and illustrates the grace and love of our Father! I love you so much!!!

    1. It’s all God’s story through us to share for His Glory! And so I am glad you glean from it! We are kindred spirits, you & I! Love you!!!

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