Find Rest Here

I pray we rest in Jesus’ arms letting Him love on us just like this picture portrays. Too many women are stressed, exhausted & fearful that if they stop performing, they’re failing God or their spouses/children or parents or friends or the church… or all of the above! So, as I settle in for the night reflecting on these things, I desire nothing more than to be still in Jesus’ presence. And as that happens, I silently pray for every Daughter of the King who needs to know how cherished they are because of who they were made to be opposed to what they do & how well they do it.
In it with you. <3

No Place But Home

For all of you out there who can relate (wherever it may apply in your life)…”This refining & sanctification process of mother is not always easy, but God has shown me that He will bring me further faster home with my children than at a million events/conferences, etc that I could ever attend. Real life is here in my home. He is perfecting me to become more & more like His Son Jesus. So, for that I am praising Him- even in the tantrums, “hoe hums” & “isn’t there more?” days.  Be blessed! <3

My Wall

Proverbs 24:3-4 “By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowlegde its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures!”
One of the walls in our bedroom is full of Scripture verses I’ve prayed in times of needing to trust in God’s promises. There are also photos of our wedding day, children’s births/birthdays & other times where faces full of joy were caught on camera. Pictures my children drew or painted also adorn this wall. Many of them are of Jesus and angels or churches and rainbows. They’ve also written beautiful sayings like ” God loves you” or “I love Jesus” which got taped up there in plain site for us to set our eyes upon daily as a captivating remembrance of those simple Truths.
So, I call this place the wall of God’s faithfulness. No matter what we’re going through, my husband & I can always come in here to gaze at this visual proof of the Lord’s handiwork in our lives. And the virtual reminder of His love brings cheer to our hearts every day. <3
In a world where there can be so much negativity, may you find a space in your home (either big or small) to serve as a living memorial to your family how Father God has your whole world in His hands, too! 🙂

His Love is Like Water!

Thinking this morning on God & how big & great He is! He redeems the time. He loves us in our brokenness. He loves us when we are unlovable. He loves us when we hate ourselves. He loves us back to life. (I know this for a fact personally). And in response to that love- then & only then can we love Him back & truly love one another. He has shown me this great love & in response I give Him my life. I confess my yuck to Him. I ask for His forgiveness of sin in my depravity. He not only forgives me but takes the shame & condemnation. Along with forgiveness, He adds to it His power that allows me to walk in obedience to His Word. He keeps me humble. He holds me & sustains me. He renews me day by day. And yes… He even disciplines me because He loves me. He fills my heart so full of Him that I cannot help but praise Him & thank Him. Does that mean everything is perfect? Nope. Not even close. But is there light in the darkness & peace through the storms? Yes. Continue reading “His Love is Like Water!”

About Me

For real though… I don’t like writing about myself but I share this in hopes that you’ll come to the conclusion after reading this that it’s really not about Cristine very much at all. For I know I’m nothing without God’s grace to me, Jesus’ righteousness for me and His Spirit’s power in me that made me who I am today. Continue reading “About Me”

What You Can Expect at Honing in to Home…

Here is the type of blog you will get on Honing into Home blog:~

When you have younger children at home, some days primarily consist of puzzles and play doh… while others are full of prayer for that teenage prodigal. As the latter mentioned is not the topic of this blog, I share it to say that it is possible to pray about the one while still being fully present for the others. And in light of that fact, one may question how play doh and puzzle days are ones we call “spectacular”. So let me give you the answer to that now: because there is nothing better than good ole fashioned quality time together while you have it.
Time together builds relationships. Continue reading “What You Can Expect at Honing in to Home…”