The Gift of Time

Oftentimes, I am eager to get the kids out into nature for a reprieve. Who doesn’t need a hiatus every now & again?  A day sabbatical?  A break from routine?  You CAN have this very thing for yourselves.  The only stipulation is that you have to prioritize it!  For someone like me, no one has to twist my arm to “get me out of dodge”, so to speak!  Since I am an introvert at heart I frequently crave autonomy when it comes to how I spend my/our time.  I mean, I like to be around people but not necessarily interacting WITH people a lot.  Ergo, when the children & I venture out to different parks, playgrounds, lakes & rivers I get absolutely giddy because it’s like our own special oasis away from the world- yet we’re together all the same! 

To me, what I just described when we get away from rigidity of what we think we need to do for what we CAN do, it is like a slice of Heaven!  When we grab those opportunities fly the coop,  I have the pleasure of watching these precious souls explore & discover new things with a wonder for this adventure called life that I would otherwise miss back at the house.  Why is that you ask?

Well, as much as I try, unfortunately a mother’s obligations at home can completely consume us at times.  That is why I am purposeful about taking different endeavors out of the home where we can absorb God & all His beautiful creation without the duties of the day calling our names!  When I make up my mind to leave our norm for a few hours, I get to live like I was young again!  Truly, when we venture out, my only focus is to study my youngsters; for, it is through their eyes where I learn how to really be free to be me again!  It is as if each excursion with them is more majestic than the last!  God, in all His boundless imaginations, has created an array of alluring landscapes such as this natural wonder featured above!   And the secret is, when I discipline myself enough to watch & study my children closely, I gain more understanding of who they are at their core.  Concurrently, I am reminded of how our Heavenly Father desires for us to do likewise with Him!  We have the honor of enjoying our sons & daughters as He enjoys us!

The scene captured in this photo is but a reflection of what glory awaits those of us who are His Sons & Daughters through Christ Jesus.  With that said, as for now, I meditate upon the Lord’s beauty in nature and in the faces of my children simultaneously.  And while we do live in a world with overwhelming responsibilities, Our Sweet Savior continues to shine His Glory all around us if we but stop to see!  Too often, though, we miss it with the multiple distractions of multitasking motherhood.  That is why, as often as possible, I take the children to serene spots where Mommy can marvel at the solitude, breathe in the fresh air, soak up the sun’s rays & reflect!   And although days like these go by way too quickly, I know the fleeting scene here will one day become a forever reality in eternity!  Until then, I will hold the treasures in my heart of these joy-filled days when we we hid away from the hustle of a busy world.  Hearing the laughter of children makes me smile.  I don’t want you to forego hearing that sound!  This is why I write a blog: because I must share what I have found!  At these junctures Mommies, between duty and rest; responsibility and release, you must be reminded to rejoice in the Spirit’s presence!  Captivated by the beauty of today, my mind is full of praise to my Heavenly Father for the memories made, and I want you to experience this fascination for yourselves as well.

So, in conclusion, my heart’s herald to moms everywhere is not to bypass the gift of time!  Do what needs to be done in order to quiet all the other voices in your head that say you must keep going at the pace you are now. You may have to leave your environment & get away for a while to truly revel in the significance of what is being said here.  Stop all things that have filled your days if they are drowning out what SHOULD fill them.   Don’t miss the moments that matter.  My best advice is to take initiative to break away from the norm, go bond as a family & be ready to receive all the blessings which accompany making such a decision.

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  1. So beautiful and so true! Without this kind of rest, I feel we can not be the Mother that God has called us to be. If Jesus needed to withdraw from His tasks into nature, then we shold as well. When we can experience that peace and quiet in nature, it makes us more able to find it in our daily busy lives!

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