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When Families Gather Again! – Honing in to Home

When Families Gather Again!

In a day and age when families are so far apart and Sunday dinners together don’t happen like they used to because of divorce, hurts, deaths or location
alone… I’m glad when we do get to come together because I can see a glimpse into how it will be in Heaven! No more heartache, no more pain, no more tears will there be- just honest to goodness unity. Reuniting with family members and getting to meet new ones will all come to pass! Oh, what a Day!
As for now, may we covet the times we are blessed to have together while holding in our hearts the Truth of knowing there’s a big reunion ahead for us! The desire to see people who’ve moved on, wanting to embrace friends you’ve lost touch with, feeling the need to reconcile with ones you never had to the chance to do so with here will all get to happen! And those thoughts should give us such elation when we just think about it!
Therefore, if you are sad about the good ole days gone by, or maybe you feel you never even got to take part in such gatherings, please know that Jesus has a banquet prepared for you with more loved ones than you can imagine! 
There are ancestors who are assigned to welcome you Home! Parents you’ve never met (if they’ve passed and/or you’re adopted in this life), children you’ve never met (due to miscarriage or abortion), siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins… They ALL await your return! And these loved ones who have gone before us are MORE than excited to see you, too! 
Aaahhh, doesn’t that just touch you ever so deeply?! It does me. And it’s true because that’s who our God is! He’s One who created us for love through fellowship and companionship with Him and others! And in Jesus forgiveness is found, so these people have nothing but love for you if they’re already there with Him! You must understand that! 
Now, if you’re still here (possibly feeling like you’ve missed out or you’re missing out) I pray you would know how one day we will be living together among God Himself in perfect harmony! After all, think about it… the very desire for those things are exactly what the Father Himself placed in our hearts! This longing is from Him so that He Himself can fulfill that hope! So, while you’re awaiting such a day, you can count on it that our Lord is as well!
And it is coming! 

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