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When Mom Just Can’t – Honing in to Home

When Mom Just Can’t

Mama duck was under the weather today. So, her lil duckings climbed up in bed around her carrying their writing work in hand. The seven year old twins wrote verses in their verse journals while the eight year old wrote a letter to her pen pal (aka Grandma). I took this picture to try and capture this moment in time that absolutely melts my heart. <3
Mama not feeling well doesn’t get these little ones down; for, one of the children say “Mommy, we’ll just have a chill day today.” Then another responds “Yes, mommy, I like chill days.” 🙂

Homeschooling and motherhood and life doesn’t just stop- even on days where mommy isn’t as available as usual. But when the relationship between mother and child is solid, they acclimate to the highs and lows/ups and downs life is sure to bring.
May we as woman who like to “do it all” and accomplish so much in a day also be able to appreciate the times we just can’t. Because it is my personal belief that we can see God’s glory in our children most when we are forced to pause.
Could it be that the Lord grants us these blessings in time of being halted in our work long enough to recognize how the labor we’ve poured out for them is actually bearing fruit? I would have to say it is so.
I hope this picture continues to remind me that I don’t always have to be “on” but rather embrace the instances when I’m not!  Because it’s in those places where I get to witness the children step up and continue on in what they’ve learned…
even when I am not leading.
“Train up a child in the way they should go… It will not depart from them.”

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