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Discipleship – Honing in to Home


Discipleship. This has been MAJOR in my life. A disciple is a student. In this case, I’m referring to being a follower of Jesus. Nothing compares to our relationship with God and the unquenchable longing to draw nearer still. The Holy Spirit is our Teacher.  If you grant Him room, our Rabboni will lovingly instruct you. (This is the Hebrew word the first disciples used to call Yahushua their Teacher). Jesus desires for you to yearn for Him as to learn from Him. Matthew 11 says:  “…learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart.”

Okay, so one may ask “But where do I begin with discipleship?”  1 John says the Holy Spirit will teach you all things, therefore trust God’s Word by reading about your Heavenly Father with the sole intention for your soul to know Him more.  Then, you will understand about His love, grace and mercy where you want to actually obey His Word because you know the Author better, hence putting His lessons into practice. He’ll help you will find such friendly fellowship as He assists you in life like a good Teacher would in any classroom. Upon requesting from the Lord that He realign your will with His you’ll have to give up what you think is right for what is Truth. Correction as well as direction will proceed, but the results are astounding!

So much is out of order in our world. And there are many reasons for that but today I come you, Woman of 2017, passionately expressing how my heart has found joy so that you may too. “Yours truly” had (still has) a rebellious, angry, carnal nature which needs to be brought to the Cross and nailed there daily. Miraculously, by His power, this 40-year-old Sister of yours now has a desire to be my husband’s helpmate, zest for raising my children and fervor to homeschool them to boot! Unswervingly, I press into God’s mission for me here because He is my Faithful Mentor, Trustworthy Guide, Nurturing Shepherd and Omniscient Teacher.  

Are you Jesus’ disciple? Well, test yourself to make sure you’re in the faith, as John recommends.  Because disciples put their faith into action moving from a hearer to a “doer of the Word” like James says. If you are not sure you’re yet a disciple, be reassured that the Counselor and Comforter Himself is willing to meet you where you’re at with an eager embrace!  Open your heart by faith and mutually apply what He’s given you. Once the transition to true follower occurs, you’re used to advance and expand the Kingdom of God on earth with a love that drives you to disciple others such as your children. Then your family can disciple your neighbors. And the neighbors may disciple their friends and so on, spreading the surge of the Spirit! 

(Side note for women with unevenly yoked partners: Pray for your husband to follow the Lord wholeheartedly so both of you may learn of the Lord together. Only then will the two of you be able to disciple/teach your children God’s ways in one accord. While I know there is no perfect situation in marriage, the Word is clear on how the prayers of the righteous are heard.  For this very reason, wives, if you are the more spiritually mature one in your marriage, it is imperative that you approach the Throne on our husband’s behalf requesting that they’d rise up as the spiritual leaders of your homes. This is called interceding for them. And please remember how that in the waiting stage, before they begin to show evidence that the transformative power of Christ is changing them, live out 1 Peter which says our behavior toward them can win them over without words. This is opposite of the nagging wife who tries to get them to move by force, of course! Until hubby is there, you be the one to gladly and graciously teach your children what you’ve been taught. But do this without holding it over your husband. Openly I admit, even though my spouse is the more mature one spiritually speaking, there have been many times where I’ve worked in my own strength in attempt to make him see something Scripturally my way, and it usually NEVER goes well. Prayers are the answer every time.) 

Ladies, assess your hearts so Sisters around the world may agreeably and amply be aroused towards their determined destinies as disciples! There’s an entire generation who need us out there! The picture of why we are here is bigger than you can imagine but the photo below is a clue. Hugs, Cristine 

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  1. This is such a great reminder! Our Heavenly Father has a great purpose for each of us, but we much be walking with Him to see it and accomplish it! I am so thankful that He created us in this way and gives each of us a purpose. As wives and mothers this role could not be more important! We are raising the future generation of disciples! And we are nurturing them and our husbands. What an amazing calling!


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