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Everyone Needs a Sabbath! – Honing in to Home

Everyone Needs a Sabbath!

Saturdays are Sabbath day of rest for our family; a time gifted to rest, relax and regroup from the previous week. Honestly, I’m so glad God gives us one day a week to do just that because life can be messy, the world around us can get loud, we as a couple can get wrapped up in our own personal missions and following that… arguments can ensue (and do). My husband & I are not immune to any of those mentioned above. For Jesus says “in this world we will have trouble” then Paul later says how “those who marry will face many troubles in this life!” Good thing for those of us whom His Spirit dwells in, Jesus also says “not to worry because He has overcome the world”! That means we have the same power within to be overcomers!
Hence, after all the trials and conflicts which can arise in just one week, the blessing to just stop and pause provides us with the prime opportunity to abide. This is a chance to slow down enough for the Lord to reveal to our hearts the deeper things He wants to deal with by allowing all that’s transpired in the first place!
God loves us so much! As a matter of fact, He loves us too much to leave us with untapped hurts and wounds. He uses circumstances or situations we find ourselves in to bring those issues up. And if you’re married, The Almighty often uses your spouse to help with that process!
Great news, He planned this before you even said “I do”. In His omniscience, Father knew how your spouse would be the major source of your sanctification! So, don’t be discouraged when you argue and fight, but rather let us (I include myself in this statement) look to the bigger picture of how with this person, we are being made more into the image of Christ than we would be without them.
So, my prayer is that we could push through in those hard moments knowing this Truth: if our Savior brought us unto salvation by grace, we can allot our spouse that very same grace we ourselves received when we didn’t deserve it. And my hope is that as we embody this forgiving heart attitude, we would not only find resolution more quickly but we’d even go so far as to be grateful to our Gracious Heavenly Father who designed this one flesh union for His Glory! We only need trust Him to heal us and make us more whole in the process!
So, whether Saturday is your day of rest, reprieve and recovery from the week’s whirlwind (or any day you feel is fit,) may you find refreshment in the One who made the Sabbath for that exact reason. And as we use this gift to reflect upon all the Lord is doing in/through us, including our marriage union, may we enter the next week with thankful appreciation knowing we’re all the better for it! <3

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