Kingdom Win!

Today was a Kingdom win for sure… Leaning on Jesus is what it’s all about here in this blog! 🙂
Frustration. It was felt on both ends between my seven year old & me earlier, as happens occasionally with most homeschool moms I’m sure. She was speeding through her work just to finish. Eventually though, my “hurry up & wait” child (like mother like daughter) learned to slow down & try her best today. Patience was also acquired on both sides as her & I each took time to pause long enough for Jesus to settle our hearts. This is usually always a good choice, btw. My little hare (from the Tortoise and The Hare) also learned that rushing through just to get the lessons done actually made her school day longer in the end. This arrow of mine DID, however, come back with slow & steady perseverance when it was all said & done. But most of all, my precious daughter learned how to trust me enough to articulate how she felt in the process. Because at one point her voice whispered to me: “I just feel so… fragile.” In that statement, I realized she conquered those hurdles of today’s race- the Heavenly one. And so did I!
Quite mature words for one so young, don’t you think?! “Fragile”. Right there I smiled, and we snuggled. As a mother (a broken & frail one at that), to realize your child feels secure enough to trust you by being so vulnerable- well, it completely warms the heart! <3
And Mamas, this is what Jesus wants from us. He knows EVERYTHING about us but He desires for us to communicate with Him because He loves us. And just like my daughter relayed her inner thoughts to me, we can do that with our Heavenly Father. This shows Him how we have faith & trust in Him because we’re certain He cares for us.
In conclusion, if I’m honest… in my soul, I’m right there with my little girl most days. Fragile & in need of my Savior’s comfort. I truly need my Abba to hold me more often than not. Therefore, I can say to you mothers, the more we open up to God with our hopes, fears & disappointments- the more we find His love, affections & warm embrace. And I believe it’s more likely that when we do that, His Spirit gives us more of who He is. So in turn, we can give more of Him to our children.
Hence, may we lean on The Lord all the more so the children can build that bond with us reflecting the one we have with Abba. And as they grow, may they realize how it’s our Lord who’s holding us both up. <3

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