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Not Right or Wrong Here… Just What’s Best! – Honing in to Home

Not Right or Wrong Here… Just What’s Best!

Sometimes it’s not about right & wrong or good & bad when making decisions. There are times where it’s just about what’s best!

Today this Mama had an opportunity to go into work at the optometrist’ office. I used to work there part time a few years ago, and the doctor still calls me to fill in when she needs me. And this really makes me feel good, valued & appreciated when she does. I also had a ministry meeting scheduled for lunchtime today. And if anyone knows me, they know I live for discipleship! There’s truly nothing better than speaking on the Lord’s faithfulness, looking at His promises in Scripture, praying together & being used by Jesus to encourage others! Just like with the Optometrist calling on me, when people reach out for ministry I also feel a sense of worth there.

Without a doubt though, this season the Lord has been teaching me about who I am opposed to what I do. So, I feel like having to decline these two amazing opportunities on the same day was a HUGE milestone! I say “no” to those offers in order to say “yes” to being home with my children, to support my husband while he does the work he’s been called to & to be joyful for both!

(Honestly, there was a time I would’ve RUN into work or ministry just to get away from the mundane, monotonous days here where there are no tangible kudos received like the ones I would get at the places mentioned above.)

Oh, but I can see clearly now! Lately our Gracious Heavenly Father has been showing me how my worth, my identity & my value is from Him alone! And whether I’m here in pjs teaching elementary math, reading & writing to children who may or may not be getting it, or whether I’m “out there” working for a prestigious doctor in a fancy office… I am loved just the same! Plus, that Dr can get someone else to cover the hours. And with the ministry, I feel as if I have accomplished something grand when a person across from me leaves refreshed & refocused in their faith. But even with that, God can send another Brother of Sister to help them get there. And as I know what I’m about to say will seem prideful, I’ll say it anyway. At one point I looked at ministry like “But I have to be there for the people! They need me!”
Well, Noooooo… They need Jesus. And He will use another willing vessel to accomplish what has to happen in that person’s life!

Yep. So I write this to say, when we let the Holy Spirit sift out what’s from God, we will then be able to discern what’s best when making the everyday decisions for our life. And not only that, but we will have peace knowing we’re RIGHT where the Lord would have us be which is significantly important to the Father, & therefore, is significantly important to me! And overall, that is what counts- no matter how menial the task at hand may seem in comparison to what else is being presented.

Raising three precious, little souls is quite the undertaking. And at this point, instead of running FROM the responsibility I run TO it. Knowing my eternal, meaningful existence is to be who my Creator says I am is key! Then I can go about the work He has for me to DO with joy & delight separate from it being my identity any longer.

Now, there will assuredly be other offers to work & minister as the Good Lord deems fit. But today, I know as I know as I know, Father was presenting me a test to see if I would stay or go. And with that test, came the blessing of weighing those choices so that in the end I’d be absolutely certain, with gratefulness & appreciation, that I’ve chosen well!

Moms, are you right where you’re supposed to be according to God’s master plan? I pray this day that you too will embrace who you are uniquely in Christ! Only then will you be completely satisfied in your soul & happy with your lot! <3

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