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My Compilation for Moms – Honing in to Home

My Compilation for Moms

Hi, Everyone!  As there was an abundance of written material I could have compiled into one blog, after combing through a few gems, I chose these few rich discoveries of mine to inspire moms everywhere to hold this calling of mother as a high one.

If you have yet to read any of my other blogs but are ignited by this one, each and every one of them are jam-packed full of divine insights about how my relationship with the Lord has overflowed into my relationship with myself, my husband and children as well as and others! Our Heavenly Father has shown me so much about the “mommy mission field”! The reason I wrote the Honing Into Home blog is so women would know God better through getting a glimpse into my life. This collection of thoughts magnify how The Author of life has placed us in extremely privileged positions when He made us mothers!  The Giver of all things has graciously bestowed upon us these gifts of children to steward well, love on and make disciples for Him!  How then will you treat His most treasured possessions?

(Cristine’s definition of mother)
Mothering= Intentionally nurturing the hearts of those created beings whom our massive God has put under our care to nourish, train & shepherd by His Spirit. This is a most exceptional stewardship from Him to us mothers in whatever form it shows itself- ie; adoptive, fostering, older women teaching younger ones- in order for us to ultimately show them the Lord’s love. 

What is your personal definition?

Follow the calling God has for you, Mommies. There is no greater responsibility! Yet that is not something to fear! It is a gift to honor, cherish and be grateful for! My prayer today is all the Mothers out there view their roles as a great stewardship in serving the Lord. Our society, unfortunately, can pull us in many directions. But we must stand strong by the power of His Spirit to keep the main thing the main thing. Let us train up our children in the ways of God! Care for them well, nurture them a lot and be the shepherd who leads your flock with wisdom past this world filled with wolves!!! 

Recently, I answered a friend’s email with this reply and thought it was a good thing to post! For all you out there who can relate (wherever it may apply in your life)…”This refining and sanctification process of a mother is not always easy, but God has shown me that He will bring me further faster here with them than a million events/conferences, etc that I could otherwise attend. Real life is here in my home. He is perfecting me to become more and more like His Son Jesus. So, for that I am praising Him- even in the tantrums, “ho-hums” and: “isn’t there more?!!!” days. : )

I am thankful for trials, afflictions, sufferings and troubles in this life. And before you say “That’s crazy. She’s either nuts or lying”– Let me briefly tell you why I am thankful for the sufferings I’ve experienced (which have been many in my 40 years of life). Through my most difficult times, I’ve grown closer to God. It’s in those times when He squeezes out everything in me that is not of Him and humbles me. By His Spirit’s power in me, it’s in those times I’ve been given strength to endure that crushing work He’s doing to make me more like Christ. It’s in those times when He’s shown me His great compassion and amazing mercy and abounding love, so I can then give those things in increasing measure to others as well as myself.

The intimacy I’ve found with The Lord during my darkest times have been one of God’s most beautiful gifts because it’s when I find freedom in realizing I’m held when I can’t hold myself up, I’m given breath when I feel like I can’t breathe & I’ve received grace to move farther in my faith than ever imagined. “Do you like pain?” you may be asking. No, I do not. Do I tantrum when I start feeling it? Yes. I fail & fall. And I do both often! But The Lord won’t let go- literally- He holds me tight through the pain (even when I’m faithless in that moment; trying to run or even attempting to battle with the very One who made me). And then, it happens… I find this sweet spot. It’s a place where peace beyond understanding comes, comfort beyond measure is encountered and rest better then any I’ve ever known is found. I am thankful that because of Jesus, I’ve been able to persevere and grow and mature so that, ultimately, I may serve Him better.  Those seasons will come for you too, and when they do, know the one you hold onto is holding you!!!

One thought… what if all the hidden things that are done for God like praying and working as unto the Lord within your home (although no one else sees or recognizes it now) were one day on display as a museum in Heaven for all to marvel at as they amplify each of our personal relationships with the Lord while here on earth?  The one who knows the very number of hairs on our head is watching.  And the children are too.  You’ve heard the saying: “They may not always hear what we say but they never fail to imitate!” Ponder that gem as you go about your days, Moms.  Your life is a living, walking movie played out in front of those little ones’ whose eyes are watching. That astonishes me with both a holy fear and an excited joy! What about you? Like God has said: “Think on these things.” 

Have Godly conversations with your children while driving in the car or hanging out at the house, Moms! I tell you the Truth, if you are training them up to know the Lord, you’ll probably be surprised to find out about just how much they know when it comes to God and His ways!
Personally, I was shocked to hear my kids explain to me about deeper things they seemed to understand so easily at such a young age! Invest. That’s the word this season. Don’t just rely on Sunday school teachers. Give of yourself. Share praise reports. Talk about how you relate to who Jesus is, and tell them what aspect of Himself He’s revealing to you lately and why. Don’t just throw out Bible verses. Explain the importance & reasoning behind what’s written. THAT is relationship versus religion.

So, let me leave you with this enriching thought! Mom’s, let’s not get frazzled today but rather be encouraged! Let us always remember who the Creator of ALL things is to keep our awe of Him! These verses from Jeremiah declare the vast omniscience of God! Jeremiah 31:35 “This is what the Lord says, He who appoints the sun to shine by day, who decrees the moon and stars to shine by night, who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar- the Lord Almighty is His Name!”

Matthew 6:33 “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Love to you from a girl who received way more than I ever deserved (not because of who I am but rather, in spite of who I am), and only because of the greatest love that ever was found in Jesus Christ; YAHUSHUA ha Mashiach.  

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