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Relationship Strength Training 101! – Honing in to Home

Relationship Strength Training 101!

A wise tip to consider: most all problems relationally are resolved with much prayer & honest to goodness communication! If the Lord has shown me anything, He’s taught me how to do both of these things often & a lot (not saying at all that I do them well… Just often & a lot)! 
Most touchy topics are avoided in conversations (especially between spouses/family members) due to fear or pain- or fear of pain rather. And I will assure you that most times the Lord will not just simply rectify your situation because He wants your faith in Him to be put into action like a farmer who can have good hopes of an abundant harvest but lest he puts his hand to the plow, barren the ground would remain!
You’ve gotta pump up your spiritual muscles by getting into God’s presence. He’s the only real place one can go to acquire the strength it takes to do the work necessary to tend to those relationships in need of intentional attention!
So many people think their problems will just go away. But like God uses the farmer to plant, water & work the ground before a harvest is produced, the Lord uses you to do the same! Some keep getting thistles & thorns because they’ve simply let their plot of land go. And where you cannot always control the outcome like the farmer has no possible way of knowing if it’s going to be a good crop or not after all his labor, he still works the land as if there will indeed be a bountiful harvest! 
With all the time, energy & effort it takes to settle matters, speak on hard subjects and approach untouched issues in attempt to mend relationships comes also with it satisfaction of the soul.
After we’ve made an honorable effort to enrich the dry soil (attempted to find resolve in our relationships that have been left parched) we wait & trust the Master Gardener Who gave us the plot to care for in the first place! But until then, we have peace with God in knowing we’ve done all that’s been required of us like a good farmer.
So, go have that overdue conversation now! Remove the weeds. Start where you are without looking back. Use the tools you’ve been given to get in the grind!
I promise, you’ll never know true joy one can receive until you press into where it hurts like a fine workout. Sure, you’re taking the same risk a diligent farmer takes every time he puts the plow to the field because promise of a full crop isn’t guaranteed! And yes, sometimes it seems as if the ground won’t budge. But other times the farmer gathers a greater measure than imaginable! And how will you know which it will be until you take on the land?!   

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