Off-Roading Motherhood?

Moms, I am having to trust God through a season of some seemingly messy, off-roading when it comes to motherhood these days. The Lord is basically having me back off, let up, calm down; “be still & chill” when it comes to how I school my children. Anyone who knows me well knows I like to research & give out tons of information, micromanage, train, stick to schedules & check boxes off as “done”. It‘s that soldier mentality- I can’t help it. I’ve just always been able to execute with excellency. It’s a gift! But here lately it’s been more like a curse because it can leave no room for others to solve problems for themselves! Consequently, I am being told to hand over the reigns, delegate & step into more of a facilitator role with my children so they can discover, explore & figure things out without mommy as their living “Google”. Continue reading “Off-Roading Motherhood?”

What You Can Expect at Honing in to Home…

Here is the type of blog you will get on Honing into Home blog:~

When you have younger children at home, some days primarily consist of puzzles and play doh… while others are full of prayer for that teenage prodigal. As the latter mentioned is not the topic of this blog, I share it to say that it is possible to pray about the one while still being fully present for the others. And in light of that fact, one may question how play doh and puzzle days are ones we call “spectacular”. So let me give you the answer to that now: because there is nothing better than good ole fashioned quality time together while you have it.
Time together builds relationships. Continue reading “What You Can Expect at Honing in to Home…”