When The Hubby Knows

“Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their labor. If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.”

Once he got off work, Daddy helped me take care of the children just because he knew; he just knew. I had a long, full day. (I battle with insomnia. And so I try to make it through as best I can.) It would probably be hard for just anyone to notice how tired I really am… but he knows. He just knows. Continue reading “When The Hubby Knows”

Closeness Matters!

When you have such a closeness with your children, you find harmony in your home (even when one of you is “off”). This week I’ve had to tend to pressing matters making me not as available to the children as usual. But these lil duckings have been utterly amazing! They have been quiet, kind, courteous and extremely helpful when I’ve needed them to be. And while it is clear they sense mommy is not her usual self, they’ve continued to carry on as if all was just the same. Continue reading “Closeness Matters!”

Smiling from My View

My view this morning:
Water bottles from our walk earlier. School going on right now. Juicer out ready to make apple & orange juice to be put into ice trays for ice pops with toothpicks. Then, making a pitcher of juice to drink. My turmeric tea is also somewhere up on that very full counter. Strawberries cut & placed in oven for making natural twizzlers. Laundry basket waiting on clothes to be done. And Mama smiling because there’s no where else I’d rather be in the world! Continue reading “Smiling from My View”

Quieter Days Are Welcome Here

Today was one of those days I absolutely delight in! We were tired from weekend activities, so while scattered rain showers kept coming and going outside… inside we had a calm, quiet, joyful day. It was full of homeschooling, chores, lots of imaginary playtime and a surprise visit from a dear friend who brought with her the lovely children she looks after.
I’m discovering more and more that as we continue on in The Fathers abounding grace with hearts that want to serve the Lord, our Loving Savior grants us all we need and more to complete our missions while here on earth. Therefore, let us passionately grab a hold of this massive responsibility to be good stewards of all we’ve been handed! Continue reading “Quieter Days Are Welcome Here”

Where To Go and When To Chill

Today was a day unlike many (or any). Somehow, the Lord in His magnificence, allowed us to have three separate visits with friends in one day! Now, let me add… I do not recommend this kind of day to any mother because it can be stressful and way too busy for everyone involved. And in all honesty, as for the children and me, this type of full schedule is certainly not only NOT the norm… but it is one I usually shy away from (and in a hurry!) 😛 All I had on the agenda was my standing weekly visit with my best friend and her children. But as God would have it, two other invitations popped up! Continue reading “Where To Go and When To Chill”

Kingdom Win!

Today was a Kingdom win for sure… Leaning on Jesus is what it’s all about here in this blog! 🙂
Frustration. It was felt on both ends between my seven year old & me earlier, as happens occasionally with most homeschool moms I’m sure. She was speeding through her work just to finish. Eventually though, my “hurry up & wait” child (like mother like daughter) learned to slow down & try her best today. Patience was also acquired on both sides as her & I each took time to pause long enough for Jesus to settle our hearts. This is usually always a good choice, btw. My little hare (from the Tortoise and The Hare) also learned that rushing through just to get the lessons done actually made her school day longer in the end. This arrow of mine DID, however, come back with slow & steady perseverance when it was all said & done. But most of all, my precious daughter learned how to trust me enough to articulate how she felt in the process. Because at one point her voice whispered to me: “I just feel so… fragile.” In that statement, I realized she conquered those hurdles of today’s race- the Heavenly one. And so did I! Continue reading “Kingdom Win!”

Not Right or Wrong Here… Just What’s Best!

Sometimes it’s not about right & wrong or good & bad when making decisions. There are times where it’s just about what’s best!

Today this Mama had an opportunity to go into work at the optometrist’ office. I used to work there part time a few years ago, and the doctor still calls me to fill in when she needs me. And this really makes me feel good, valued & appreciated when she does. I also had a ministry meeting scheduled for lunchtime today. And if anyone knows me, they know I live for discipleship! There’s truly nothing better than speaking on the Lord’s faithfulness, looking at His promises in Scripture, praying together & being used by Jesus to encourage others! Just like with the Optometrist calling on me, when people reach out for ministry I also feel a sense of worth there. Continue reading “Not Right or Wrong Here… Just What’s Best!”

Find Rest Here

I pray we rest in Jesus’ arms letting Him love on us just like this picture portrays. Too many women are stressed, exhausted & fearful that if they stop performing, they’re failing God or their spouses/children or parents or friends or the church… or all of the above! So, as I settle in for the night reflecting on these things, I desire nothing more than to be still in Jesus’ presence. And as that happens, I silently pray for every Daughter of the King who needs to know how cherished they are because of who they were made to be opposed to what they do & how well they do it.
In it with you. <3

No Place But Home

For all of you out there who can relate (wherever it may apply in your life)…”This refining & sanctification process of mother is not always easy, but God has shown me that He will bring me further faster home with my children than at a million events/conferences, etc that I could ever attend. Real life is here in my home. He is perfecting me to become more & more like His Son Jesus. So, for that I am praising Him- even in the tantrums, “hoe hums” & “isn’t there more?” days.  Be blessed! <3

Everyone Needs a Sabbath!

Saturdays are Sabbath day of rest for our family; a time gifted to rest, relax and regroup from the previous week. Honestly, I’m so glad God gives us one day a week to do just that because life can be messy, the world around us can get loud, we as a couple can get wrapped up in our own personal missions and following that… arguments can ensue (and do). My husband & I are not immune to any of those mentioned above. For Jesus says “in this world we will have trouble” then Paul later says how “those who marry will face many troubles in this life!” Good thing for those of us whom His Spirit dwells in, Jesus also says “not to worry because He has overcome the world”! That means we have the same power within to be overcomers!
Hence, after all the trials and conflicts which can arise in just one week, the blessing to just stop and pause provides us with the prime opportunity to abide. This is a chance to slow down enough for the Lord to reveal to our hearts the deeper things He wants to deal with by allowing all that’s transpired in the first place! Continue reading “Everyone Needs a Sabbath!”