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When Mommy needs a break! – Honing in to Home

When Mommy needs a break!

Today, Mommy needed a day of rest according to Daddy & the children. My day of rest consists of prayer, digging into God’s Word, doing a study, listening to a message, journaling and corresponding with like minded people online all the while locked away in the bedroom. 😉 Well, not completely… I did leave the house once in order to fit in a walk after the rain passed!

Moms, as I don’t know what your “days off” look like, I do pray you get them (however infrequent they may be.) I hope you enjoy doing whatever feeds your soul full of life & goodness when they come! And I hope you are thankful to the One who graced you to receive such a gift in the first place; for they are such sacred treasures, aren’t they?!

Cherish the time together as a family, of course. And likewise, delight yourself in the Lord when He gives you time away! Both are blessings.

So, wherever this finds you, please know that when you trust in your Heavenly Father for all things His precious Spirit will provide that work/ rest balance you need.

Praise You, Jesus, for refreshing us Mommies who spend our days refreshing others!


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  1. This is so important! I do not think that most of us realize how important it is for us to just get in the presence of God without any distractions. I will pray for God to refresh me so that I can refresh others!
    Have a blessed day!

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