When You Need To Change Things Up, It is OKAY!

After four years of us putting our own homeschool curriculum together, we finally decided on pre-packaged curriculum! YAY!!! 🙌
It has taken hours of prayer, observing our children, reading, researching, watching, waiting & a whole bunch of trial by fire to find out what works best for each of them (individually as well as together)! To say the least, the decisions were not made lightly as the options were vast & plentiful! I can see how anyone considering homeschooling can seem overwhelmed. But trust the Lord through the process! He will lead you to what path is right! Your eyes will be opened to how your children learn, and His Spirit will instruct you how best to educate them accordingly. 👼

Like with any relationship, the investment of educating at home takes patience mixed with many devout attempts in figuring out how it all comes together. But when you hit the right notes, the rhythm can become quite harmonious like a well-played orchestra! Eventually, you will have a symphony of sorts where everyone plays their instrument differently yet there’s still synchronicity in the melodies which build up into a masterpiece! <3  Oh, how delightful it is to have had the blessing of an opportunity to fail forward because as a family we grew, matured & deepened our bond in the interim. I would encourage anyone on the fence of choosing this way of life to go for it! Take the plunge of faith and be there as the primary teacher in your child’s life. For them to see Mommy need Jesus her Savior ever moment of every day in decision making & character training herself is the best form of discipleship. And I have become a better follower of Christ myself in the pruning, chiseling & sharpening through this work as homemaker more than any other job, activity or event I’ve ever been involved in. Beyond anything, the multiple hours we have had to discuss a Biblical worldview with every and any topic to arise has been major. This has built a Kingdom foundation that will last! And I am absolutely convinced that we would not be as close as we currently are as a whole without the pull to have to be together 24/7, resolve conflict quickly & work things out- God’s way! <3

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