Confession Session

Psalm 32:5 “I will confess my transgressions to the Lord.  And He forgave the guilt of my sin.”

Let’s confess, Moms…

Have you ever been too wrapped up in what needs to get done opposed to cherishing the people who you are doing those things for in the first place?  When you have an overactive brain mixed with tasks a mile long and the strength a mile wide to accomplish conquering those tasks, you may be one like me, who lets my duties prioritize over precious souls.

But what if you are forced to flip it around?

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Will You Receive The Gospel Message?

Will you receive the Gospel message?
Trust that Jesus suffered for you, bled for you and died for you.  Receive God’s forgiveness through that shed Blood.  Accept His Spirit into your hearts by faith.  Confess your sins.  Repent of your ways. Repentance is simply turning away from your sins (not wanting to go against God in action or word anymore).  Pray that Jesus would bring you into FULL SURRENDER of soul so that He is Lord of your entire life.   Continue reading “Will You Receive The Gospel Message?”

The gift of God through Christ is Ever Present

When I’m at home wondering if God is pleased with me, there will be times He shows me a ladybug or a rainbow, and it’s often reassuring.  It’s a private confirmation of His love for me.  So, when it happens while we’re away, it’s not only refreshing but further confirms the fact that we don’t worship a God who exists in a specific location nor one who only loves us when we are working.  He loves us wherever we are and displays His love by communicating personally through the daily grind or when we’re quietly recharging. Continue reading “The gift of God through Christ is Ever Present”

When Mommy needs a break!

Today, Mommy needed a day of rest according to Daddy & the children. My day of rest consists of prayer, digging into God’s Word, doing a study, listening to a message, journaling and corresponding with like minded people online all the while locked away in the bedroom. 😉 Well, not completely… I did leave the house once in order to fit in a walk after the rain passed!
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Thankful for The Pain?

I am thankful for trials, afflictions, sufferings & troubles in this life.  And before you say “That’s crazy.  She’s either nuts or lying”- Let me briefly tell you why I am thankful for the sufferings I’ve experienced- which have been many in my 39 years of life.
Through my most difficult times, I’ve grown closer to God.  It’s in those times when He squeezes out everything in me that is not of Him & He humbles me.  By His Spirit’s power in me, it’s in those times I’ve been given strength to endure that crushing work He’s doing to make me more like Christ.  It’s in these times when He’s shown me His great compassion & amazing mercy as well as His abounding love!  Consequently, I can then give those things in increasing measure to others as well as myself. Continue reading “Thankful for The Pain?”

The Gift of Time

Oftentimes, I am eager to get the kids out into nature for a reprieve. Who doesn’t need a hiatus every now & again?  A day sabbatical?  A break from routine?  You CAN have this very thing for yourselves.  The only stipulation is that you have to prioritize it!  For someone like me, no one has to twist my arm to “get me out of dodge”, so to speak!  Since I am an introvert at heart I frequently crave autonomy when it comes to how I spend my/our time.  I mean, I like to be around people but not necessarily interacting WITH people a lot.  Ergo, when the children & I venture out to different parks, playgrounds, lakes & rivers I get absolutely giddy because it’s like our own special oasis away from the world- yet we’re together all the same!  Continue reading “The Gift of Time”

Drink From The Well

Isn’t the point to lead others to that same well we once drew from? It is a place which represents the moment where we encountered Jesus and received His Living Water like the Woman at the Well. The “well” portrays a place where we left the cares of this life and heavy burdens of sorrow, shame, guilt and condemnation. In exchange for Himself, Jesus makes us new providing life eternal where we breathe deeper, walk lighter and take on anything the world brings with this new knowledge of how God is with us; Emmanuel! Nothing compares to the beautiful exchange which takes place at that well. Continue reading “Drink From The Well”

When You Need To Change Things Up, It is OKAY!

After four years of us putting our own homeschool curriculum together, we finally decided on pre-packaged curriculum! YAY!!! 🙌
It has taken hours of prayer, observing our children, reading, researching, watching, waiting & a whole bunch of trial by fire to find out what works best for each of them (individually as well as together)! To say the least, the decisions were not made lightly as the options were vast & plentiful! I can see how anyone considering homeschooling can seem overwhelmed. But trust the Lord through the process! He will lead you to what path is right! Your eyes will be opened to how your children learn, and His Spirit will instruct you how best to educate them accordingly. Continue reading “When You Need To Change Things Up, It is OKAY!”